Are you a Snoozer? Kick yourself off the bed with this one trick!

‘How many times have you woken up tired of snoozing your alarm for over 4 – 5 times, hoping those extra few minutes of naps would make you feel more energized but are actually making you more tired and drained?’

It’s already been proven that hitting the snooze button will not help you feel any better and only mess up your sleeping pattern.

∗So, if you have been dealing with this problem and wish to get off the bed as soon as the alarm goes off use this method!

«Grab a small cup of mouthwash and place it over your phone!»

That means that if you want to turn off the alarm, you will have to take a shot of the strong minty mouthwash. This method works because the spiciness of the mouthwash will not only wake you up but also will force you to go to the bathroom to spit it out!! And as soon as you wake up, you will have fresh breath and since you are already in the bathroom you can wash your face and start the day!


I devised this simple trick by using one of my Korean friends’ method to wake herself up which was brushing her teeth whenever she felt sleepy during her study sessions. (Most Korean students study up to 18 hours a day;;;) For me, I would just carry a small bottle of Listerine in my backpack and then take a shot whenever I felt sleepy. Then it occurred to me that I could use this same method to get me off the bed in the morning!


I’ve tried so many other methods or applications, like taking a picture of a specific item or walking a few steps to turn off the alarm, but none of those past methods have worked as well as this one. I’ve also tried Beeminder, which is a site that will take off money if I don’t keep on with my goals, to make myself wake up but always at the end I would just either delete waking-up applications or just cancel my registration of Beeminder.